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About The Grieving Project Musical


Spoken word musical exploring concepts of mental health, grieving, and thriving in 14 stages that asks, “How can we live fully and thrive if we don’t grieve?” Lis is a disabled artist who’s struggled with her own rare chronic illness for twelve years. Her search for inspiration to write a song for an arts competition, The Grieving Project, sends her on an unexpected spiritual quest to find and accept herself. Along the way, Lis meets three other arts competition finalists: thriving artists Danica, Charli, and Brandon, each battling a different physical or mental illness and disability, who help Lis realize she’s never grieved her illness… And all discover what it even means to grieve and to thrive while living with chronic illness. 

Audition Instructions


Specifically seeking disabled/chronically ill performers, particularly for female leads: LIS, CHARLI, DANICA. Please submit self-tape link to a private or unlisted YouTube video with audition of the appropriate sides for desired character(s), along with a headshot and resume to with subject: TGPM AUDITION SUBMISSION – [YOUR NAME], [CHARACTER(S) NAME]. 

For those auditioning for CHARLI/EMILY,  please prepare BOTH sets of sides (CHARLI and BRANDON/EMILY). 

Submissions due by: 10/17/2022

For questions, please email:

Audition Materials



LIS/AOEDE (F) 47-year old artist from San Francisco, California, who has a rare progressive muscle disease (Dermatomyositis) and uses cane and walker. Anxious, perfectionist. [The Grieving Project LIS _ DAVE SIDES]

DANICA (F) 25-year old artist (illustrator) from Providence, Rhode Island, with New England accent, who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and uses wheelchair. Affinity for sailing and boats, controlling. [The Grieving Project DANICA_NOAH SIDES]

CHARLI (F) 27-year old artist (painter) from Biloxi, Mississippi, with Southern accent, who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and other mixed connective tissue diseases. Affinity towards French language and cooking. (Also plays EMILY) [The Grieving Project CHARLI SIDES]

BRANDON (M) 21-year old singer-songwriter from Wichita, Kansas, who has depression, anxiety and PTSD, from the loss of his twin brother. Talks to his dead twin brother, Eric. [The Grieving Project BRANDON _ EMILY SIDES]

LUCIE (F) 30-year old. Eccentric host of “The Chronically Enabled Show,” dresses in all one color. Urban. Speaks in rhymes. (Also plays HARMONY) [The Grieving Project LUCIE SIDES]

EMILY (F) Mid 40s. Brandon’s stepmom. Smoker, nags all the time to feel in control. (Also plays CHARLI) [The Grieving Project BRANDON _ EMILY SIDES]

NOAH (M) Mid 20s. Danica’s husband. Always quoting; obsessed with fitness and sci-fi books. (Also plays DAVE) [The Grieving Project DANICA_NOAH SIDES]

HARMONY (F) Mid 20s and Charli’s roommate. Very into mind, body, spirit, new age, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, self- help. (Also plays LUCIE) [The Grieving Project LUCIE SIDES]

DAVE (M) Late 50s early 60s. Lis’s husband. Always fixing things and wears geeky t-shirts. (Also plays NOAH) [The Grieving Project LIS _ DAVE SIDES]

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